How to download and install Canon App for smartphone, tablet



If you want to print photos and web pages with smartphones or tablets, you do not need to install a printer driver like a computer.
Instead, you need to download the app For Canon, it is "Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY".

If you are iPhone or iPad, you can find it if you search "Canon" in AppStore, Android's smartphones, tablet in Playstore, so let's download and install it.

As a prerequisite for downloading the apps, you need Apple ID to use AppStore, and a Google Account to use Playstore.
By the way, iPhone, iPad can print even if the printer supports AirPrint without installing the app.

There seems to be some people saying that the SD card can no longer be accessed by recent Update, but we will explain how to deal with it.

What you can do with Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY

The main function is photograph printing, document printing, and scanning.
It is very easy to print directly without moving photos of smartphones to a PC.

You can also print settings from smartphones

You can change the settings before printing. You can set the paper size, type, monochrome, color etc. on this screen.

When using AirPrint on iPhone or iPad, it is a difficulty to not make such detailed setting.
If you want to print beautiful photos you better install the app!

PDF, Word, Excel, etc. can also be printed

You can print PDF, Word and Excel files.
If you downloaded the file to a smartphone or tablet it is OK.


Capture documents and images with scanner

With scanning you can capture documents and images into smartphones or tablets.
You can change the method of saving JPEG or PDF by changing the setting.

Copy operation from smartphone also

Copy operation can also be done from smartphone.
This function may be useful when the printer does not have an LCD screen.

Can not read the SD card?

After updating the application, "There is no authority to access the folder" is displayed and it is impossible to print.

The countermeasure is this.

Do not print from the Canon application, choose a photo from the album and use the sharing function.

Select a photo with the album application of a smartphone or tablet.
Press the share icon and select Canon App.

It is very convenient for us to print from smartphones and tablets!
Let's enjoy the printing Canon App.


Resource & Link: Playstore, Appstore

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